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Updated: May 25


My name is Miguel Marques.

My experience in trading the stock market is over 15 years old. I developed this blog with the purpose of sharing with you some of the knowledge I acquired during this experience.

My main objective is to present you with a method that I developed that allows me to obtain financial gains through buying and selling undervalued stocks in a short period of time.

Based on fundamental and technical analysis, I can find some undervalued stocks that have great growth potential even during the current quarterly earnings cycle and that could generate good gains before their earnings are announced.

I intend to share with you the method I developed through the various posts I will make and that will be available on the homepage. I also intend to provide you with information about some of the concepts of fundamental and technical stock analysis, which are the basis of the method I developed. Subscribe to stay updated with new posts.

Let's hunt for stocks with great growth potential!

Disclaimer: Stock investments contain risk and are not protected for all investor profiles. Investments in individual stocks can generate losses. The NY Fox is not regulated by any entity and does not provide personalized advice. If you need personalized advice, consult a duly authorized professional.

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